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CiternaFreccettaTours and ExcursionsFreccettaExcursionsFreccettaBetween Monterchi and Citerna

Between Monterchi and Citerna

Walking time: 5 hours (including stops for observations historical nature)
Itinerary: partially marked CAI
Difference in altitude: 490 m
Difficulty: easy

The itinerary passes around the mountains of Giunone that, according to tradition, would be linked to the worship of water and female fertility. On one of the mountains and on the other is perched Monterchi Citerna, two countries so close and yet so far: a Tuscan Umbrian the other one and the other Ghibelline Guelph, one of the other Florentines of the pope. The myth of Hercules is impressed in the name of the first of two countries: Mons Herculis in Montercole and finally Monterchi. The area of the municipality is developed in the two valleys of the Cerfone and Padonchia. This would, according to legend one of the first land of the legendary Lake Lerna. E 'in the cemetery of Monterchi that Piero della Francesca painted the famous Madonna del Parto. The village of Citerna has an elongated shape and opens onto an unparalleled view overlooking the Tiber valley and the mountains that enclose it. According to some, the country's name derives from an ancient cistern to collect rainwater placed on the churchyard of St. Michael the Archangel.