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5/17/2018 Citerna Comune

THE PINK WALK Sunday 27 May from 9:00 to 12:00 Beautiful initiative, promoted by the Fighille Postural activity group, coordinated by the teacher Giulia Maestri, in solidarity with the women of the A.M.A. "The Butterflies" of the AACC of Città di Castello, operated at the breast. The event is sponsored and coordinated by the City of Citerna, finding an active collaboration in the person of Councilor Paolo Bragotti, who has worked hard to make this morning possible, which will see everyone on the road, from Fighille to Pistrino, starting at 9.00 from Piazza degli Artisti di Fighille to then reach Piazza del Popolo in Pistrino, around 10.30. Given the particularity and delicacy of the initiative, even the same proloco of the fractions involved have given their contribution; in addition, some sporting activities have been joined, known under the name of NewVolley Sansepolcro - Citerna and GPoint San Giustino. This attests to the particular attention paid to the project that moves the entire operation and that promises a walk of not fatigue, but of great interest to which everyone can really participate, including your dog friends.