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11/18/2017 Citerna Comune

Pistrino di Citerna - November 25, 2017
On November 25, at the New Smeraldo Cinema in Pistrino at 9 pm, an evening will be held for the International Day Against the Violence on Women.
The event for the City of Citerna is part of the "E se lè donne" review, dedicated to respect for gender, and it does, for the second consecutive year, alongside the Italian Red Cross that collaborates to promote this day.
The theme is strongly proposed, with a first part of technical and informational character, followed by a second part with a performance of music and dance.
In addition to the Mayor of Citerna Giuliana Falaschi, the President of the Red Cross Francesco Serafini and the Director of the Istituto I.I.S. Franchetti-Salviani of Città di Castello Valeria Vaccari; an entire class of the institute, the current Fifth Finance and Marketing ITIS, has been involved in the gender mainstreaming project.
The "first time" is titled "Legal and Statistical Aspects of Violence on Women - Child-Assisted Violence"; the theme will be dealt with by the Avv. Benedetta Barberi Nucci, Deputy Mayor of the City of Citerna, and Andrea Bottazzin Abogado Law Firm.
The second part is titled "#Arte and Show in Woman's Point" - #Music on woman's tips and includes moments of music, song, and dance that will have as protagonists artists coming from The High Tibet Valley: singer Ilenia Panicucci, ballet dancer Noemi Mirabucci Casperchi, coming from the Tedamis Training and Entertainment Center, Kevin Pierini and Ivan Rendyuk dancers from Academy Ballet Dance School, accompanied by Niccolò Neri's guitar music guitar and Paolo Fiorucci's keyboards.
The sound and lighting service will be handled by Paolo Ceppodomo and Danilo Panicucci.
The evening will end with the intervention of the biturgense company G & P Cosmetics, brand Sensùs, sponsor who supports and supports the event