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Citerna Photography


In a pleasant atmosphere, surrounded by the scenic Citerna Photography presents a series of exhibitions and activities they want to draw a crowd of photographers and fans.

The fourth edition of CiternaFotografia presents a series of exhibitions and activities they want to Citerna draw an audience of photographers, photography students, amateurs and enthusiasts to meet and discuss, see pictures and participate in workshops, in a pleasant, surrounded by the scenic, historic, cultural and food and wine of our area.
In the first week of opening the festival, in addition to the inauguration of the exhibition, there will be meetings with photographers, book presentations, challenging workshops on technical and photographic language, conferences, reading portfolio, music and more.
CiternaFotografia Portfolio is part of Italy, and between the participants read the portfolio will be chosen who will enter the final selection of the prestigious award of FIAF.
The festival theme for 2012 is "state of crisis" and it is around this that was designed a path for images that can show the complexity and the presence of the crisis that our country is going through.

Deflation, stagflation, livelihood, social support, distribution of wealth and its concentration, 1% and 99%, Occupy Wall Street, interest rates, interest derivatives and speculative bubbles, creative finance, gross domestic products, layoffs, layoffs, closures, sacrifices, tactics and strategies, ways of life, spread, central bank interventions, economic collapse, recession, growth, life patterns, balance, forfeiture, spirit, corruption, values.
Too many questions and no answers. Too many names and enclose them all in one: CRISIS
This is the theme of Citerna 2012, the festival of photography in its fourth edition. A pressing issue, and certainly difficult, we wanted to address and propose in a manner we believe engaging and distinctive. The visitors addentreranno in the spaces of this crisis, in its folds and recesses, as if they were entering from time to time in as many rounds of Hell Dantesco.
What they look, what they will talk to observe, enjoy, evaluate, and criticize, is not just a collection of interesting artwork, but also a description of some of their own world and, to some extent, of their being here, Now, in this space, at this time.